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Vacant homes in foreclosure are sometimes plundered by animal intruders such as coyotes, rats, skunks, and bats. A pair of bobcats and their young famously took refuge in a foreclosed home for sale in the foreclosure-ravaged Tuscany Hills development in Lake Elsinore, California. Coyotes have been spotted among foreclosure properties in Gainesville, Florida, searching for food for their pups. Foreclosed houses that have hosted critters may need additional work to fix utilities, plumbing, walls, and fixtures.

A common problem with homes in foreclosure is mold. This is especially true of homes in high humidity regions such as Florida. Leaks can infect whole sections of drywalls and flooring with mold and mildew, potentially comprising both the structural integrity of the foreclosed residence, as well as the health of the future occupant.

Before you plunk your money down on a foreclosure property, be sure you keep an eye out for the potential problems that can blight vacant homes. The longer the home has been in foreclosure, the more likely these problems will arise. Be sure you ask your home inspector to check for these issues prior to the actual purchase, as these troubles may cost you dearly in the long run or the short term.

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